The Route

Day 1 : 18Km

Eorimok Trail

Eorimok is a 6.8km streetscape which comprises Hallasan National Park Information Center(970m)- Eorimok Valley- Sajebi Hill(1,423m)- Manse Hill(1,606m)- Witse Oreum Shelter(1,700m)- Nambyuk Circuit- Nambyuk Intersection(1,600m). A steep uphill course to Sajebi Hill could be tough, but from Manse Hill to Witse Oreum Shelter and all the way to Nambyuk Intersection, trails are relatively flat. Plus, there you can enjoy views of the crater wall of Southern Baengnokdam Crater Lake as well as the breathtaking view of Mt.Halla.

Witse Oreum Shelter

Welcome to the first Checkpoint for day 1. There is a toilet to use and lunch ready for you. Take a break as long as you want, but don't forget to pass here within 13:30 due to national park regulation.

Donnaeko Trail

Donnaeko Trail is a 7km course from Nambyuk Intersection passing through Pyeonggwe Shelter(1,450m), and all the way to Donnaeko Information Center(500m). Here you will enjoy the diverse plantation of the forest: evergreen broad-leaved trees like camellia, deciduous broad-leaved trees like maple tree, and also polar plantations.

Donnaeko Wonang Campsite

If you follow down the road from Donnaeko Information Center for about 3km, you will reach Donnaeko Wonang Campsite. This is the day 1 campsite with spacious grassland, clean toilet, and a store where you can buy some drinks and snacks. You can cook here and groceries for local dinner will be served.

Day 2 : 19Km

Dongbaek Trail

This is a 13.5km course from Donnaeko Trail to Muo Beopjeong Temple that includes some historic sites. Along the trail, you will meet Muo Beobjung Temple was the cradle of resistance to japan. The colony of camellias and sun trees stretches out and you will find beautiful valleys like Gangjeongcheon and Akgeuncheon. Camellia is one of the representative species of trees in Mt.Halla's warm-temperate forest. Checkpoint for day 2 is located in the middle of Dongbaek Trail.

Hawon Village Campsite

Hawon Village Campsite, 1km down from Muo Beopjeong Temple, is located at Joongsangan and will present you a magnificent view of Jeju Island. You won't be able to find any stores nearby, but you will feel immersed in nature.

Day 3 : 23Km

Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest

Welcome to Hallasan National Park. This is a recreational forest located in the national park, densely surrounded by sun trees. Enjoy the forest bathing! The second day's walk will start here.

Dol Oreumgil

This is a relatively short course of 5.6km where you can get a peek of human life in harmony with nature. It has Yong Rock, multiple shiitake mushroom cultivation areas, and a historic charcoal kiln site. Admire the pleasant autumn shades of acorn trees and maple trees.

Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Area

You will get a glimpse of human life assimilating with nature in this shiitake mushroom cultivation areas located in the forest. This is where the day 3 Checkpoint is located.

Cheona Forest Path

Maple trees could be the symbol of Mt.Halla's fall, painting the scenery in splendid shades. You will walk through such spectacular maple forests, the highest point(1,000m) of Hallasan Dullegil, and the elegant bamboo forest.

Hebron Hill Resort

You've made it! It's time to enjoy the after party and share your adventure tales with fellow trekkers.